What Is A Blogging Platform?

A Blogging Platform is a device or software used to publish your blog posts.

There are many free blogging platforms on the web. The most popular ones are Google’s BLOGGER which has over 45 million blogs freely hosted on her blogspot.com platform; WordPress dot Com is another popular and free software for publishing blogs, it has well over a million blogs freely hosted on her server. Yahoo also has her own platform called Yahoo! 360° which is also a free blog software for anyone maintaining a Yahoo account. Microsoft also has its own free blog hosting platform called Windows Live Spaces. Movable Type, Typepad, are other popular ones.

There are hundreds, if not thousands more free blog hosting platforms out there on the web. The truth however for the unwary, is that there is no free lunch anywhere on the web; you would give something in return without even being conscious of it. If you want to make money through blogging, it is better to steer clear of all these myriad of ‘free’ platforms to make real money.

Many of them do not give you space for nothing, they added there own paid adverts making cool money for them through your ‘free’ blog. Even Blogger.com that gives you space to add your own ads to monetize your ‘free’ blog still had a means of gaining an extra reputation and great branding from your free labor.

If you must be a professional blogger, that is, one who engages in blogging with the goal of earning a living and prosperous income from it, the place to go is WORDPRESS DOT ORG. WordPress has the most flexible and comprehensive array of tools and plugins to customize and adapt your blog to your taste and choice freedom.

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