The Web Parable of Actor-Spectator

In the last post, I described the web world as divided to two broad categories: Actors and Spectators.

The actors are the people or organizations who have one or more websites to showcase what they have to offer the internet public. As at today, there are more than 70 million websites (not counting blogs). Every website or blog are in contention for the attention and attraction of the 1.2 billion audiences.

Just like in the entertainment world of actors and spectators, the most successful actors and actresses are those that unleash their passions on the acting scenes or stages, and turned it (the play), as if it were real.

To be a successful Blogger, you must have a consummate passion about something, and be willing to share that with others (‘spectators’) who share the same passion with you.

Passion is the fuel that drives the vehicle of career success. If you must be a successful blogger, you must be loaded with a passion that overcomes every challenge of the blogging profession. (I assure you that there are plenty of challenges for a third world blogger on the web).

Until now, many of us were satisfied to be ‘Spectators’ who go a-visiting blogs and websites, either for purchases, information and entertainment. But from now our attitudes must change. We must become part of the solution to the internet world. We must have something unique to offer the internet world. It is an “OFFERER’s World”, if you have nothing to offer, you will suffer, even though you may not know it, while surfing the internet.

Just as in the game of football, the spectators reward is the pleasure and entertainment derived from the game. The real profiting, glamour and honor however goes to the footballers who win the match. Surely, the spectators helped them to boost morale to win the match, but the spectators are not given any award by the judges.

Similarly, in a cinema, the crowds come to watch a movie and derived pleasures from that leisure. But the money goes to the actors and the producers of that movie.

To be a successful and prosperous Blogger, you must develop the mentality of an actor, and not that of a spectator. You must be conscious that you want to perform, and good performance would bring huge crowds coming to watch you. The greater the crowd, the more the money you will make, from your ‘performance’.

Stop seeing yourself as a visitor to many websites or blogs, start seeing yourself as a creator of original content on the web, which the spectator or the internet public is searching for.

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