The Theory of Web Relevance

There is a shortcut to relevance on the web by any blogger who is a skilled writer. I call it “Follow the Mob”. The internet is a tool that thrives by mob action. Over 90% of internet users are people seeking for a platform or community to share their common passions. Wherever these seekers go, they would create a buzz and make great things happen. This is the reason for the awesome successes of MySpace, YouTube, Skype, Wikipedia, FaceBook, Digg, and other ‘carcass sites’.

This theory is founded on the “marriage” of knowledge and energy. As a search engine strategist, you have more knowledge of the web than them, but they have more energy than a bomb. You have what they lack, and they have what you lack, so you must stoop to conquer them.

The mob though, may be despised, nevertheless, is a potent internet dynamo when guided or channeled to productive and profitable ends. The web mob is to be courted and ‘toasted’ and not despised. When the web mob ‘votes’ for your website or blog, you will automatically win the web race and also become one of the 5,000 ‘kingdom rulers’ of the world wide web space.

Mob action is a trade secret that any wise blogger cannot afford to ignore. When you tap into mob action and channel that mob energy towards productive ends, the result is always terrific.

The web mob, just like the physical mob, is a bunch of unruly and ignorant horde of people, who are propelled by their desires or passion, and seeking to unleash their boundless energy to satisfy their cravings (whatever that craving may be).

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