The Role of Passion in Successful Blogging Career

Let me refresh your memory with a profound quote of mine in the last post:

To be a successful Blogger, you must have a consummate passion about something, and be willing to share that with others (‘spectators’) who share the same passion with you.

There is no passion which you have that is not shared by several thousands or even millions on the internet. Blogging has graduated in the last five years into an expression of passions, mutually shared by multitudes on the web. What you need is what I call the LSM formula, to succeed as a Blogger on the internet.

(i) LOCATE Your Passion (L)
(ii) SHOWCASE Your Passion (S)
(iii) MONETIZE Your Passion (M)

Nobody would help you to locate your passion. You are the one who knows what you like most. Is it football, athletics, politics, religion, comedy, movies (thriller and horror variety), Soap Operas, Fashion, Pets, Skin-care, I.T, Gadgets, environmental activism, Cars, Online games, Gossips (Yes gossip is a passion for some, even though, they may not be conscious of it, in fact, some of the most celebrated and money-spinning blogs in the world today are, celebrity and regional gossip blogs)… and so on…

You can build or create blogs around anything that is a passion. A blog would certainly showcase your passion as you continually write about that passion, regularly and frequently.

Someone once said that a good blog is like a bottle of good liquor. Once it is tasted and becomes intoxicating, be assured that the ‘customer’ would always return for more, until it becomes addictive.

The ‘manufacturer’ of that ‘liquor’ makes more money, from the patronage of the ‘customers’. Meanwhile, the ‘customers’ derive indescribable pleasures, from the intake. Blogs are the veritable platform for showcasing passions.

Don’t ever forget that the original motivation for blogging is a consuming desire to share your passions with other web surfers who share the same passions with you. That information you are so passionate about, and want to share with others, may be the one that many among the billion audiences are waiting for. Why not stand up and resolve to fill the gap of need in their lives. By so doing you would be bountifully rewarded. It is a universal law of ‘give and take’.

Once the crowds desire your ‘liquor’, and returns for more, you must quickly place a ‘price-tag’ on it. Monetizing your blog is the most crucial subject of this course, and a chapter would be devoted to dig deeply into this very Important Subject (V.I.S).

Once you have a showcased passion that huge audiences of spectators throng to ‘watch’ or read, in order to entertain themselves, you will automatically make money.

I know of a blogger friend who makes 7 cents for every visitor to his blog, and a crowd of 350,000 people visiting his blog monthly. That equals some $24,500 monthly!

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