The Power Of Lottery In Driving Visitor Traffic To Your Blog

Another intriguing way of driving traffic is to organize competition for your readers by dangling a token gift ($100 worth or above), to the winner. If you are a reputable blog, you will even have a lot of your advertisers sponsoring the competition with many gifts.

The competition could either be in the form of requesting every competitor to either comment or subscribe to your newsletter or feed. You could even make them to write a short post about the competition on their blog post (if they are bloggers) with a promise to blogger-competitors to have an edge over competing commentators/subscribers. The winner would be chosen by lottery from among the crowd of competitors.

Over decades, the lottery has not lost its power and attraction for the mob. The mob worship heroism, the mob loves a winner and they also want or crave to win, so, lottery is a traffic nugget for any website or blog owner.

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