The Parable of COTI

The Formula COTI is an abbreviation for CONTENT Plus OPTIMIZATION Plus TRAFFIC Equals INCOME (C + O + T = I). I have made this formula more practical and understandable, with an analogy or parable of a King (content), who must wear a Crown (optimization), to be recognized as a king, but who also must find his Way (traffic) to the Palace (income), where he would reign and rule his kingdom.

By OPTIMIZATION, I mean website, webpage or blog optimization. This also includes search engine optimization. The concept of optimization is designed to ‘tweak’ your website or blog structure to bring an optimal yield or full utilization of its available potentials to pull a flood of traffic, and earn great incomes in the process.

A ‘King’ blog or website wearing a ‘crown’ (optimized), is easily recognized and singled-out from the cyber crowd of millions of websites and blogs, and cannot be rubbished by any search engine.

A blog without TRAFFIC is like a king who lost his way to his throne. Traffic is the route or pathway to the throne-room of the web.

Traffic is also likened to a roadmap for a king, without which he would be lost in the wilderness of the web. It is only those ‘kings’ who have the roadmap, or found the traffic pathway, that would arrive at the palace and would be enthroned.

Finally, I give insight to the INCOME aspect of Formula COTI. Earned Income is what makes the difference in the online blogging business. After traffic, next follows the income you earn from your blogging activities, which determines your authority and respects in the blogosphere.

Another COTI parable: Just as the ‘palace’ or the throne symbolizes the honor, power and authority of a king, so too is the level of income earned by a blogger, who faithfully applies the formula COTI.

Please note: that Chapters two and three were supposed to give you a ‘landlord mentality’ so that you can get out of tenant blogging, but this chapter four, is meant for you to step up to the next level of acquisition of a ‘royal mentality’, that is, moving from ‘landlord blogging’ to a ‘palace blogger’ with subjects. There is a gulf of difference between governing over a household and ruling over a kingdom- A Palace Blogger is a Kingdom Ruler!

Experts have speculated that there are about 5,000 websites/blogs who are ‘kingdom rulers’ of the web world. The least of these ‘kingdom rulers’ have 500,000 to 1 million page views per month, and earns a 5-figure monthly income in the region of $10,000+.

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