The Honors of BLOGGING

A consistent and prolonged blogging lifestyle has its own honor. Over time, the people that visit to read your blog begin to see you as the leader of their community.

They would also consider you as an authority in that subject area. Apart from the obvious monetary rewards of blogging, many times, your fans would send material gifts to you as an appreciation of good leadership which you provide through your blog.

As a blogger, particularly if you develop great blogging friendship over the period, you would receive invitation to travel abroad to participate in Blogging conferences and even to participate in Google-sponsored conferences around the world.

A blogger is an opinion leader in many respects; In recent history, Bloggers are known to have influenced the outcome of elections in the U.S and many other countries. The DailyKos is one very powerful political blog that the U.S Democratic Party Candidates rely heavily on during electioneering periods.

Some of the most respected names in the web publishing industry world-wide bare Bloggers.

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