(i) If SEO is all about POSITIONING, how do you position your blog in search engine algorithm, at a location that would drive hordes of visitors to your blog?
(ii) What are the basic SEO tricks available and obtainable by a new blogger to enhance his/her reputation, in the short, medium and long term?
(iii) Every system has rules that guide it. What are the ‘rules -of-the-thumb’ applicable to a new blog/blogger, in order to ascend the ladder of web relevance in the Blogosphere?

These and many other burning questions are what this chapter seeks to solve.

There are hundreds of search engines that have evolved or been built over the years. However, it is only about five of them that have held and continue to hold sway on the internet.

What I normally advise is for bloggers to just focus on submitting their blog address (URL) to the five or so, search engine directories which have 90% dominance over the cyberspace.

Google, Yahoo! And Microsoft networks (MSN), are the three that rule the search waves of cyberspace. Between the three of them is a huge chunk of 80-90% of the search industry.

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