Every adventure unto the internet begins with a search. All search engines are built to recognize and give higher priority to fresh and original contents. Because the contents of blogs are constantly and continuously updated, the search engines give them a greater reckoning than traditional websites.

Traditional websites by nature are static websites that showcase or display products or information which the owner offers to the internet public. Blogs offer a more content and information than traditional websites.

Before the advent of blogs, it was the news media that were most popular online information out lets (they still hold sway in some respects). Now with many blogs daily and hourly updating their content, many online news media have been overthrown in popularity in the battle for web relevance.

Today, a new trend in the industry is “CORPORATE BLOGGING”. Many companies’ corporate websites have taken up the new challenge by setting up their own corporate blogs too, which writes about happenings and events in their industry. They spend huge amount of money annually on search engine optimizations (SEO) and also recruit expert bloggers.

As at today, (October 2007), there are approximately 1.2 Billion internet users in the world. What does this portend for you as a Blogger?

Somebody once described bloggers as actors and actresses on the internet ‘stage’ who perform to entertain their audience, and make money while doing so. What that means is that there are 1.2 billion people that are potentially available to become your audience, if you decide to ‘perform’ with your blog.

The internet world has been divided into two broad categories:


I would talk or write more about this analogy in the next post.

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