Welcome to the most important section of this Blogging For Money e-Course. Behind every career success, there is a secret. This chapter is the secret or hidden key to the treasure house of the problogging career.

Without an understanding of this chapter, any blogger would be lost and frustrated. Without the possession and application of this key, you cannot gain mastery of how the web world works. 90% of bloggers have ignored this vital subject of search engine optimization (seo), to their own detriment. Don’t be part of those web failures, which call themselves ‘Bloggers’ and have nothing to show for it.

I know too many bloggers world wide who have complained and lamented that there was no traffic coming to their blog are therefore tired writing for nobody, instead of writing for entertaining an audience and thereby making money from such efforts.

It is impossible to teach SEO in one chapter, it is far-reaching. It is continually evolving and dynamic. In fact SEO is a Course, on its own. Thousands of people and companies are feeding fat, by being SEO consultants or SEO specialists.

Before I proceed further, I would make some profound statements which capture the essence of SEO to the blogging profession:

1. We are all in a world of needs. All the 1.2 Billion internet users were driven to the internet because of one need or the other which could not be met offline.
2. Every adventure into the internet begins with a search, and every search is a function of a need.
3. The solution to every web need lies in search. Once that need is met or fulfilled (by the search engines directing the ‘Searcher’ to the location), the owner of that location is always rewarded and many times remunerated.

I would say, with that statement above; WELCOME TO THE SEARCH ENGINE ROOM!

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