The RSS Feed is another way of retaining and increasing visitors to your blog. RSS is a publishing tool used to syndicate (circulate) your articles or blog posts. It operates by subscription. Once a visitor subscribe to the feed from your blog, the RSS Feed would always make fresh posts from your blog available to your subscribers through either a Feed reader or email.

Once your newest post becomes live on the feed reader of your subscribers, they would naturally click the link to visit your blog and read the full post.

One traditional way of increasing the RSS subscribers of your blog is to leave a link at the end of every blog post, directing your visitors, if they like what they just read, to subscribe BY EMAIL (since there are more email users than feed readers it is a 10,000:1 ratio). This is a tokenism of support and popularity among your fans.

RSS Feed count has gradually, over the last one year, become an index of authority and popularity of blog/websites. Many blogs proudly display their Feed Count icon which shows the number of subscribers to that blog. The more the number, the greater the respect and probably, the money the blogger make from that subscriber base.

Some bloggers even use such huge base to lure new visitors to join the ‘bandwagon’ or ‘mob-rush’.

To sign up for RSS service, (the best so far in the industry is FEED BURNER), you can visit FEEDBURNER.

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