This is another good ladder for a new blog or website to climb from obscurity to prominence. Article directories that are highly ranked are good platforms for quick visibility and traffic for a new blog.

A good article directory would have hundreds of original content submitted to it daily. It is like a blog with hundreds of fresh and original posts daily. Since search engines are built to love fresh and original content, it is natural therefore for a good article directory to be highly ranked and have terrific flood of traffic, which any wise problogger can leverage from.

Just like the social networks, article directories are also free registration for new members. You can always submit your blog posts with little modifications. Once the resource box, footnote or your byline carries a link back to your blog or website, you would surely get exposure for your site or blog through this method.

Another advantage of the leveraging power of article directories is that, many other niche publishers visit them frequently to obtain content for their niche sites. The implication of this is that, many more sites that use your articles from the directories would be automatically linked to your blog or website through the footnote or resource box, thereby increasing your search engine ranking.

Some of the notable and reliable article directories are:

Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, Search Warp, Ideas Marketers, etc.

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