How Do You Follow The Web Mob?

You can follow the web mob by understudying their passion. It is impossible to create a successful platform for a mob unless you share that passion of the mob. To share a mob passion, you must know what they want, why, where, when and how they want it, what thrills or tickle them, what angers them or draws their extreme emotions.

Most importantly, every mob has a language, you must know their language. Every mob has a seasonal wave; you must know the wave timings, so that you can plug into the crest power of that wave. Once you succeed in discovering this mob secret, go ahead with confidence and create a platform (whether a blog, or forum or whatever), for them.

Please note: never forget to make such platform “PARTICIPATORY”, that is, give them an outlet to vent their diverse pent up emotions. Don’t be a solo champion; make room for them to express themselves. Let them talk, let them write and contribute content, make the platform highly interactive.

The web mob is not a passive readers club. After all, content is king! If there are thousands who daily crave to contribute content for your site according to their passion, you should be rest assured that, hundreds of thousands more are coming to read the mega content daily.

Content is the most important nugget for web traffic success. The more the contributing mob, the greater would be your traffic results. Web 2.0 is an era dominated and ruled the mob; user-driven sites are the ones that occupy the pinnacle of web glory.

All these are the tips and tricks of generating traffic to your website or blog.

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