iii. Pay-Per-Post Model
Pay-Per-Post model of advertisement emerged in 2005 and it is waxing stronger particularly among new and young bloggers.

This model operates by requesting partner bloggers to post a short review of the advertiser’s product with some link-back to the advertiser’s website or landing page. For this effort, a blogger could earn about $10 to $40 per post. I know of bloggers who earn some $1,000 to $1,500 monthly from this PPP system.

The PPP model is the darling of new bloggers whose blogs have not yet begun to have respectable web metrics. The PPP is basically opened to all bloggers with little or no entry barrier, except that your blog must be a minimum of three months old.

The ‘palace’ of PPP model is ReviewMe network. ReviewMe pays as much as $3,000 to big bloggers like Shoemoney, and pays as low as $5 to smaller blogs per review.

The difference however is that, ReviewMe network is not opened to all and sundry. The entry point is often determined by higher rankings in PR and Alexa. That is why most new bloggers without any web reputation are scarcely patronized by ReviewMe advertisers.

This is the major reason why most of the new and young bloggers flock to and opt for PayPerPost™ or Blogsvertise or LinkWorth and other similar networks.

iv. In-Line Text Ads
This type of ads which is believed has a greater conversion rate is designed to identify keywords within paragraphs of your posts. The algorithm of the advertising networks highlights such keywords. This naturally would lead curious readers and visitors to click them and, thereby arrive at the advertisers’ landing page or product websites.

Every click by your visitors on these in-line and highlighted keywords would earn you some money from the networks.

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