“Traffic Is the Lifeblood of Any Online Business, Without It, You Just Die”
-Michael Cheney

“The internet is a game of numbers- A Huge field of play, with 1.2 billion needy players looking for captains”
–Aderemi Ojikutu

Having had a grasp of the basic rudiments of Search Engine Optimization in Chapter Three, it would be easier now, using that knowledge to climb the traffic ladder for your blog or website.

Chapters two and three were supposed to give you a ‘landlord mentality’ so that you can get out of ‘tenant blogging’, but this chapter four, is meant for you to step up to the next level of acquisition of a ‘royal mentality’, that is, moving from ‘landlord blogging’ to a ‘palace blogger’…

I have, over the years developed a theory of traffic generation, which I christened: “Formula COTI”. There is no magic about traffic generation; it follows from what I called the ‘eternal laws of the web’. Once the component variables in Formula COTI are present in a traffic equation, it would automatically lead to the traffic solution, which every blogger or website owner have always desired.


In Search Engine and Traffic parlance, it is the CONTENT of your posts, on your blog or website that would ultimately determine the position of, and traffic to, such blog or website. That is why it is popularly believed that “CONTENT IS KING!”

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