I want you to convince me that you fully understood what I have taught and shared with you so far, by undertaking or attempt to answer the following blog quiz.

1. (a) Check the availability of your three most preferred domain names for blogs which you listed in your answer to chapter one assignment from GoDaddy. If they are not available, continue to amend the names until they are available for registration.
(b) What are your available domain names and how much did GoDaddy suggested as price per annum of the available domain names?

2. Create a two new blogs, one each on free hosting BLOGGER and WORDPRESS. Let the two blogs revolve around your identified favorite passions that you have chosen. What are the blog addresses of these two newly created blogs?

3. Write a short post of two to three paragraphs (200 words), on each of these blogs about that your favorite passion

4. Use Anchor Name, Telenovela, with a simple HTML language and link it in a short sentence to this blog address:

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