1. (a) List the Top Twenty (20) websites in the world, using Alexa tool bar or visiting the Alexa website.
(b) Having downloaded the Google Toolbar, use it to determine the Page Ranks of these 20 topmost websites in the world.
(c) List the top 50 websites in Nigeria using Alexa yardstick and,
(d) From that list of (c), determine and list the top 25 indigenous websites (that is, websites/blogs based in, and operated by Nigerians).

2. Sign up with all the four mentioned traffic trackers and paste their codes on your blog.

3. Subscribe to FeedBurner and add the feed count icon on your blog. Make sure to add a link for email subscription at the end of a new blog post, using anchor links.

4. (a) Sign up with five notable social networks and submit two of your blog posts to Digg.
(b) Join Ezine Article directory and submit your modified blog post there. (Don’t forget to create a resource box with a link back to your blog.

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