Blog Design; Web Design

On of the tricks of our trade as probloggers is blog design. Because many readers and visitors to your blogposts may get too familiar or accustomed to your blog, which may induce boredom, many probloggers change or tweak their blog designs every quarter (three months).

That stage is not for you yet, until you begin to make ‘heavy bucks’ from blogging, then, you will realize that blog design is like a dress, which needs changing regularly to give your readers and visitors a sense of freshness about you.

At other times, blogs are designed with the primary motive of increasing the monetization channels through your blog.

In my standard recommendation, I always advise that a blog should always have a structure of five posts per page. This would help your blog to upload easily when visitors come to read your blog.

Many amateur bloggers whom I noticed, leave their blogs with 15 or more blog posts per page. Recently, one of the gurus of the blogging world John Chow, adopted my 5-posts-Per-Page structure on his popular blog.

I always advise that a blogger needs a basic grasps of html and other simple technical web design tips. This would definitely help you from running to and fro your blogging mentor every day. more about html in the next chapter…

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