BLOG COMMENTARIES As A Strategy For Driving Traffic To Your BLOG

Another way to gain traffic and quality backlinks to your site is if you visit top ranked and highly trafficked blogs, forums (e.g., etc. Make it a duty to make useful comments there. If your comments are immediately after, or not far from the end of the blog post, then, you would likely gain traffic to your site or blog.

Some notable blogs like even have a direct ‘do-follow’ link back to the blog/website of the top ten commentators. To enter into the league of top ten on John Chow’s blog, just make sure you make 20 to 25 useful comments within 1 to 3 days, pronto! You would begin top enjoy traffic from that action.

However, the most endurable lesson you can learn from all these traffic tricks is: Make your blog or website valuable to your new traffic of visitors, with fresh and useful content that is regularly updated and they would always come back.

If you are a ‘specialist’ in driving visitors to your site/blog but you are not updating it with useful and worthy content, the visitors would neither stay nor return to your site/blog. Your original, fresh and useful content is what would retain your visitors and also make them to always come back for more.

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