Alexa Update: A Daniel Has come to Judgement!

I noticed yesterday about 6 p.m (GMT), that Alexa had updated his world wide ranking of websites. Suddenly, Google (Nigeria) which used to be ranked 12,500 has been lifted to 969. NAIRALAND that was in 25,000 also leapt to 5,766. Telenovela Love Garden also leapt from 600K+ to 162,583. The Telenovela Stories dot Com too went from 0ver 600K+ to 159,329!

At last some web sanity is being applied to crazy rankings that had no bearings to real traffic parameters. I have boasted before now that Nigeria’s premier indigenous website – NAIRALND FORUM, is far more valuable in traffic it commands than all the noise of the John Chow’s of the web world. John Chow’s new Alexa rank sank to 17,088 in the weighted basket of world-wide traffic by Alexa.

I am proven right again by the latest Alexa ranks update, which changed her aglorithm to reflect traffic from non-Alexa toolbar users. Nairaland comands over 3 million page impressions monthly, while John Chow is still at 350,000 monthly page impressions.

That is where the story ended, because, John chow makes over U$D30,000 monthly from his blog while Seun of Nairaland makes less than U$D3,000 monthly – only 10% of John earnings, though he commanded 10-fold page impressions than John Chow!

With this rumble by Alexa, many advertising networks like TLA, Kontera etc, who depended on the skewed Alexa metrics of the past, would now have to reappraise special African sites like Nairaland and The Telenovela Love Garden afresh and appropriately.

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