After 3 Weeks Alexa Updates Again

Movers and Shakers of the Nigerian Web SpaceYesterday, Alexa updates its ranking again, after three weeks delay due to new algorithm that included other baskets of metrics. This new updates proves that Alexa truly has a better (though undisclosed) metrics than her former sole ‘tool bar’ metric.

Below is the latest Nigerian Websites in order of importance according to the latest updates by Alexa. Remember that I did a piece on Nigeria’s foremost Indigenous websites last month. As Usual this doesn’t include yahoo and Google which shared the first 3 positions because, by my judgment, they aren’t indigenous websites.

Three new web whizkids emerged in the last three weeks on the Nigerian scene. The first in the list of movers and shakers is Telenovela Love Stories, which leaped from 401,000 to 39,000 (15th position), followed by Naija E Cash, and a new forum based in U.K called New Nigerians, it is patterned after our Noble Nairaland Forum. How far New Nigerians would go cannot be determined now, as people felt it was just a carbon-copy of Nairaland. The web has a way of punishing duplicates though …

  1. Nairaland Forum 5,361 up from 5,766
  2. Punch Newspapers 9,312 down from 8,809
  3. Central Securities Clearing System CSCS 13,490 up from 14,263
  4. THE SUN News online 13,297 down from 12,392
  5. The Guardian Newspaper 18,145 down from 16,918
  6. Cashcraft Asset management 23,287 up from 23,592
  7. Vanguard Newspaper 24,204 down from 22,662
  8. Guaranty Trust Bank 25,920 up from 29,115
  9. Naija Hot Jobs 30,438 up from 33,828
  10. THISDAY Newspaper 13,455 down from 12,691
  11. Nigerian Securities 34,434 up from 45,186
  12. Zenith Bank 34,833 down from 34,629
  13. Tribune Newspaper 32,507 down from 29,221
  14. MTN Nigeria 35,358 down from 33,568
  15. Telenovela Love Stories dot TV 39,918 up from 401,245
  16. New Nigerians 90,824 up from the blues
  17. Careers Nigeria 37,147 up from 40,052
  18. All Jobs – Nigeria 50,804 down from 49,713
  19. Stock Market Nigeria 57,118 up from 72,287
  20. Naija E Cash

********************************** Below are listed websites that dropped out from the Top 20 sites in the last three weeks.

  1. JAMB 423,930 down from 21,099
  2. Proshare Nigeria 40,547
  3. Legwork Nigeria 30,945
  4. Internet Marketing Nigeria 44,482
  5. Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE 40,809 Online since 10-Jun-2002
  6. Telenovela Love Garden 162,583
  7. Zenith Securities 51,800
  8. WaecDirect 54,465 Online since 23-Oct-2002
  9. TotalFinaElf Oil and Gas 36,317 Online Since 31-Dec-1996

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  1. Thanks for your observation. I noticed that more and more Nigerians are beginning to support my new blog. So much encouragement and technical help has been enjoyed by me in the past two months that I started the blog.

    It feels nice to be loved. As usual, I am PROUD to be a NIGERIAN! Long Live Nigeria! Cheers. 😉

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