3 Steps To Landlord Blogging (Problogging)

A landlord blogger is one who registered and paid for his or her own domain name, and also for hosting it. A landlord blogger does not exist at the mercy of anybody. All the labor of a landlord blogger goes directly into building his or her web reputation, blog traffic, blog rank, blog authority and brand name, in the blogosphere.

All the rewards (monetary, ranking, branding etc.) of landlord blogging come directly to him or her.

A landlord bloggers has every right to offer for sale and sell his or her blog in the market place of the blogosphere.

Landlord blogging is the launching pad for going to professional blogging career. Until you graduate into landlord blogging, you are just a miserable joke in the blogosphere. Without graduating into landlord blogging, your problogging dreams would be a stillbirth.

The first step into a problogging career is to register a domain name. This costs from $2 to $20 or more per annum, depending on who your domain registrar is and also if you are registering a dot com or dot net or dot co.uk or any other custom domain name. In fact custom domain names are known to cost as much as $200 or more.

The second step into problogging career is hosting your domain name with a web hosting company. You can host your domain with any amount from $50 to $150 per annum for a standard disk space of 1.0 Gigabyte (1,000 megabytes), and a minimum traffic data (bandwidth) of 10 Gigabytes per month.

The third and most important step into problogging career is to upload the most popular problogging software into your database space, from WordPress dot org is the best pro-blogging platform in the web because of its diversified and flexible functionalities and plug-ins that can be added to your taste and preference.

Teaching you how to upload your WordPress software to your paid host and domain name can be found at CODEX WORDPRESS. Whenever you reach that stage, I would gladly help you because you have paid for this e-course.

After the third step, you are then set to start your pro-blogging career. Any further step to enhance your blog’s reputation and rank would be taught in the succeeding chapters 3 and 4. (Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation Strategies).

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