How Do You Tap Into Mob Energy?

You can tap into mob energy by following the mob. It is easy to stand out and be accepted by the crowd, if you are in their midst to know their needs. Since you have what they lack, offer them your leadership.

You will never lead them unless you first follow them. It is an ‘offerers’ world, if you have nothing to offer, you will suffer with the multitude.

In the “University” of Web Relevance, there is a department of needs. We have a responsibility, as search engine strategists, to find out the need of a mob, and when found, plug the need-gap, then we would reap the abundant fruits from that effort.

For example, football is a crazy passion for many, crazy enough to drive terrible traffic to a blog or forum that passionately captures the fullness and essence of that game. Soap Operas like telenovela, is another crazy passion for many, crazy enough to drive hordes of traffic to a blog or forum that captures the emotions and fullness of that entertainment.

The same also can be said of thriller and horror movies. There is also the image and video mob; there is the religious mob, the political mob, gossip mob, etc. Anything that captures the imagination of men and women, and drives them to actionable movement would create a mob situation, and… of course, web success, if well channeled. What a paradox!

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